We designed a collection of bags inspired on birdcages. So far they are unique pieces, hand made in Italy by expert artisans. We have chosen natural materials like wood, rattan, silk, velvet, leather and tagua, a South American seed that is know as “vegetal ivory”. Bags are lacquered with bright colours or with natural finishes: they are small, light and delicate, but less fragile than they might appear. They let foresee what is inside just to make it admirable and desirable.
Is it fashion? Of course it is, they are bags, but at the same time it is possible to consider this as design and architecture. These bags are in fact like walking micro-architectures: mini buildings, colourful, joyful and maybe a little bit exotic.
Cages that, rather than a jail, are a home for the small artificial pets that for simplicity we use to call objects.


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